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Our guidelines complement our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in ensuring the safety and privacy of our users. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in a permanent ban. Please report any user who does not follow these guidelines.

Treat everyone with respect

Respect the beliefs, views, and interests of other users. No bullying, abuse or hate speech will be tolerated.


Do not impersonate someone else

Portraying yourself as another person will lead to a permanent ban. Please only upload photos of yourself.

Only upload photos you own

Please do not upload any photos or material that you don't own the rights to.

Photo guidelines:

  • Your face must be clearly visible

  • No photos with nudity or sexual content

  • No photos of children under 18

  • No violent/abusive photos

  • No photos of guns

  • No photos showing private information

  • No photos showing text or watermarks

  • No photos showing illegal activity

No solicitation

Do not attempt to sell things to other users on our platform.


No illegal activity
Any illegal activity may result in a permanent ban and being reported to the authorities.


How can I report or block someone?

You can report or block someone directly from their full profile or on the Chat Wheel. Tap the top right button to access the options.


Still have questions? Contact Us

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