The dating app that breaks the ice on the spot.




With today's mobile dating apps, fake profiles are a concern, and since chats are initiated online, there is no substance to the conversation. BondApp solves these problems. We use your phone's location services to provide you the ability to view nearby users on a map, within a limited 200-foot range. You can view a user's profile and send them an invitation to connect if interested. If there is mutual interest and a connection is made, you can start chatting via the Chat Wheel. Since you can only view users within your range, you can verify a person of interest with your own eyes and initiate a real conversation instantly.


You might wonder, how can BondApp work if no one is near me? We got that covered with BondApp Hotspots. Hotspots are areas of user activity on the map. Users have the ability to check-in to a location, which will then be associated to a Hotspot. Go to one of these Hotspots so BondApp can do wonders.

BondApp enables interested individuals to break the ice with confidence.






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