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Frequently Asked Questions


What is BondApp?

BondApp is an innovation in the mobile dating landscape. With today's mobile dating apps, fake profiles are a concern, and since chats are initiated online, there is no substance to the conversation. BondApp solves these problems! We use your phone's location services to provide you the ability to view other users on a map, within a limited 200-foot range. You can view a user's profile and "ping" them if interested. A ping is an invitation to connect. Once a connection (or "bond") is made, you can start chatting via the Chat Wheel. Since you can only view users within your range, you can verify a person of interest with your own eyes and initiate a real conversation instantly!


You might wonder, how can BondApp work if no one is near me? We got that covered with BondApp Hotspots! Hotspots are areas of user activity on the map. Go to one of these Hotspots so BondApp can do wonders.


BondApp enables interested individuals to break the ice with confidence!




How can I download BondApp?

BondApp is available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play store for Android devices.


How do I sign up?

Easy. All you need to do is register with an email and phone number. To sign in simply provide your phone number. When signing up for the first time, you will be asked to create a profile and specify your dating preferences.

Is BondApp free?

BondApp will always be free! We do provide some premium features that enhance your experience. These features include unlimited pings, the ability to undo pings, and ghost mode.




How do I go online?

When you first login, you will be taken to the Discover (map) screen. To go online, simply turn on the status switch.

How can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile via the "Profile" menu option. You can add more photos, update your main profile pictures, and also delete photos.


Is my job and education information optional?

Adding job and education details to your profile is optional, however we encourage adding these to make your profile more complete. We do not ask you to fill out these details during profile creation, however you can add these later via the "Profile" menu option.


Do I need to enable location services?

In order to view users on the map, location services need to be enabled. We encourage setting location services to "Always" so users can see you on the map even when you are not using the app. If you don't want to appear online, no worries. Simply turn off the status switch on the Discover (map) screen.

How can I enable location services for BondApp on my iPhone?

You can enable location services on an iPhone by navigating to Settings, scrolling down and selecting BondApp, and setting the "Location" option to "Always".


How can I enable location services for BondApp on my Android?

You can enable location services on an Android by navigating to Settings, scrolling down and selecting Personal, and setting the "Location Services" to "on".


How can I change my phone number?

If your number has changed and you want to migrate your account from your old number, you can select the "Changed your mobile number?" option on the sign in screen.


How do I go offline?

To go offline, simply turn off the status switch on the Discover (map) screen.


How do I sign out?

To sign out, navigate to the "Settings" page from the menu. Tap the top right button to access the sign out option.


How do I delete my profile?

To delete your account, navigate to the "Settings" page from the menu. Tap the top right button to access the delete option.



How do I view users on the map?

Nearby users will automatically be shown on the map. Just make sure your status is set to online.


How do I view a user's profile?

To view a user's profile, tap on the user's icon on the map. This will first show a preview of the profile, which includes the user's profile picture and the ability to ping them. To see the user's full profile, which includes all their photos and details, simply tap on the profile picture.


How do I ping someone I am interested in?

You can ping someone directly from their profile.


How do I respond to a ping I receive?

You will be notified when receiving a ping from another user. You can either accept or ignore it.


How do I know the status of my interactions with other users?

You will know the status of an interaction with a user by simply looking at their icon on the map. If there is a solid red border around the icon, that user is pinging you. If there is a dotted green border around the icon, this means you have sent them a ping and are awaiting a response. If there is a solid green border around the icon, you have connected with the user. If there is no border around the icon, you have not yet interacted with them.

What are BondApp Hotspots?

BondApp Hotspots are areas of user activity on the map. 

How do I see the Hotspots?

If there are no users near you, or you simply want to see where the popular spots are, click on the globe icon to see the Hotspot view. This will show a heatmap of the Hotspots and the businesses (i.e. restaurants, lounges, clubs, bars, coffee shops) users are checked in to.

How do I check in to a location?

To check in to a location, select the "Check in" option from the map. This will show a list of nearby businesses. Tap the business you want to check in to.

How do I see where nearby users are checked in to?

You can see where nearby users are checked in to by viewing their profile.

How do I check out from a location?

To check out from a location, select the "Checked in to" option. From there select "Check out". You will also be checked out automatically if you go offline, or if you go away from the location.




How does chatting work on BondApp?

Another innovation BondApp brings is the concept of the Chat Wheel. When a connection (or bond) is established, either user can initiate the chat. Chats can be accessed on the Chat Wheel screen. You can scroll through the wheel to see all your active chats. To access a chat, simply tap on the icon of the user. User icons on the Chat Wheel with unread messages will have a solid red border.


How can I save a message that is important?

BondApp aims to replicate a real conversation, so messages automatically expire after being read. To save an important message, simply tap on the message. If a user sends you their phone number, we will automatically save it for you and ask if you'd like to save it to your contact list.




What are the BondApp premium features?

BondApp's premium features are the following:

  1. Unlimited pings (free users will have a daily ping limit)

  2. Ability to undo pings

  3. Ghost mode (you can see others on the map even when you are offline!)


How can I go premium?

Select the "Membership" option from the menu. You will have a couple options. A monthly subscription will give you premium access for the life of the subscription. You can pay month-by-month or pre-pay up to one year for the best value. If you don’t want to commit to a monthly subscription, you can purchase BondApp Tokens.


What are BondApp Tokens?

BondApp Tokens are a great alternative to access premium features if you don't have a monthly subscription. Each Token gives you 30-minutes access to premium features. You choose when to activate a Token. You have the option to purchase one Token at a time or purchase a bundle for the best value.




Are there any rules?

Please check our Guidelines, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy to ensure everyone's safety and privacy.


How can I report or block someone?

You can report or block someone directly from their full profile or on the Chat Wheel. Tap the top right button to access the options.


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